Sunday, May 16, 2010

the time has come to ramble on

The radio's making me dizzy
these nights I'd like to come to
you as a ghost
Back to a time when five dollar words
were worth so much more
when tears fell through
diamond eyes
and music moved your soul

Now that I am officially free of academic obligations for the summer, I find myself wasting away in bed til mid-afternoon. I crawl out when the sun goes down to overindulge in bad habits and good times with beautiful people.
I've spent approximately 10 hours collectively in the past few days attempting to organize the infinite abyss that is my closet. By the looks of my copious amounts of oversized menswear shirts, one would think I was a businessman by day, lumberjack by night. That combined with my 23 lbd's, and one would think I went out for drinks every night to get around with a lot of businessmen and lumberjacks, which is a lifestyle option I just might explore.

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