Monday, February 8, 2010

watch things on VCRs with me and talk about big love

Currently listening to: The Xx- Xx

I pretty much live in these shoes that I recently got at a sample sale. I was never really a clog girl, but I do love a good wedge heel, and I kind of have a feeling those Chanel calf skins as seen on Alexa Chung may convert me into a full fledge clog lover afterall.

I came home this weekend to beautiful things, good friends, and a lovely snowfall. My amazing mother bought me a bouquet of pink roses from the Farmer's Market, and a box of rainbow cookies atop my newly arrived copies of Vogue and Nylon. Nate, my dear friend and overall savior of my mental stability, came over to venture with me into the brewing blizzard for coffee and a redbox movie. Happiness.


  1. Those wedges looks great on you!
    x, fashionnerdic

  2. damn whoever took those pics of the roses, the cookies and mags, the shoes on you and on the toilet, and you (creepy and non-creepy) is a great photographer! he should be famous as should you

  3. true story! that nathan anthony is a hottie and a kick-ass photaug!